About Our Company


Started in the year 2013Thakur Computer Solutions and Technology Pvt Ltd is a well settled company today. Headquartered in Pune. We have the experience and the understanding to improve business performance and business processes and technology platforms. We possess a keen understanding of the Client requirements hence our solutions focus on delivering competitive business advantage and increased productivity for all our clients in a cost effective manner.

Focus on Customer Delight

While our culture of thought leadership encourages us to explore new concepts and solutions, our strategic focus of delivering competitive advantage for our client’s business success never varies. We meet the client challenges by delivering cost effective solution while maintaining a roadmap that can evolve to fit their future needs.


TCS TECHNOLOGY understands that Clients wishes to computerise their administration and other facilities namely more details about this project will be envisaged when client calls TCS Technology personnel for the personal discussion in this regard.


TCS TECHNOLOGY has a pleasure for to define and quote for comprehensive Development Management Services for the project. Project will undergo through multiple phases before commissioning. To begin, TCS TECHNOLOGY has given tentative quotation to computerise the healthcare facilities.


TCS Technology has devoted more than 12 + years in developing IT ERP software’s.


 Mr. Chintankumar H. Thakur (Managing Director)

He has more than 14+ years of experience in Information Technology. He has worked with top MNCs in India. He has a rich experience in working on AS/400 application systems with DB2 database platform. He has been instrumental in implementing Ecommerce, Web Portals and ERP system in India.


Mr. Yogesh H. Thakur (Managing Director)

He has more than 11 + years of experience in Information Technology. He has worked with top MNCs in India., has a rich experience in Healthcare Software’s and also has been instrumental in implementing Healthcare Software’s Ecommerce, Web Portals and ERP system in India and Abroad. 


Promoters: Mr. Chintankumar H. Thakur & Mr. Yogesh H. Thakur 11+ Years’ experience into IT field.
Team of Specialist Domain Experts who are assisting in development of IT ERP Software Solutions and
also interacting with clients in finding the right solutions for their requirements.
Team of Experienced Software Developers consists of Development Managers, Business Analysts,
Systems Analysts, & Software programmers.
Team of Experienced Implementation Engineers consisting of Implementation Team Lead, Sr. tech
engineers, Implementation engineers, & Tech Support engineers.
Team of in-house support Engineers for round-the-clock after-sales support.
Team of Architects, Project Managers, Financial Analysts, Business Planners,
Lawyers and Green Building Consultants


T-Health for Super Speciality Hospital’s
T-Health Light for Small Hospital’s
TLIMS for Diagnostics Center’s
TLIMS for Pathologist / Laboratories
TLIMS for Radiologist / Imaging Center’s
T-Health Clinic Management for Small Clinics 


Website Design and Development
Software Testing
Schools and Colleges Management Solutions
Inventory and Procurement Management Information System
Tours and Travelling Management Solution
Hotels and restaurant management Solutions
Electronic Medical Records System
Payroll Management Information System
Point of Sell for Stores and Etc. 


1. Centralised Database 

2. User Friendly design 

3. Easy to be customized 

4. Modular Structure 

5. Graphical user interface 

6. Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules 

7. Easy to install – No need to install it on each PC, just install on main server. 

8. Voice tutors of complete software operations 

9. Graphical Presentation of MIS 

10. Single window view to locate patient Billing and Much More. 

11. Package Supports Adaptability & Scalability of Software making it more robust. 

12. Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility. 

13. Easy Query Handling for instant decision. 

14. Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information. 

15. Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis. 

16. Comprehensive Performance Reports. 

17. Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas. 

18. Interface facility with the Smart Card Technology. 

19. Interface with the Bar Code. 

20. Interface with Biometric Devices and Many More.